Sunday, June 18, 2006

HOME but not quite settled yet.....

I'm back home and learning the cathing routine. Unfortunately I think I may have an infection, so I am going to drop off a urine sample tomorrow. I go to my local Urologist on Tuesday. The strange thing is that one side of my pouch drains the side with the stoma, only so far and then I have to pull the rest out with a syringe on the suprapubic side. We don't know what is causing this. There is a 30cc balloon in there that may be obstucting me from getting urine out from the other side. My Husband is an engineer and was trying to figure out the anatomy and physics behind what is occuring. It makes sense but I want a doctor to reassure us of what could be the problem. I just don't want to rely on the left side which is only temporary when I am needing the right side to live off of. I won't have two outputs just the one. It seems like it is so BIG in there! I am going to talk to my Surgeon this week and see what he thinks and see what the local Urologist thinks.

Postives for Today:Lyrica is working on the phantom urgency today, I've gone 4 hours between cathing, I'm getting urine out slowly, I'm finding my way. I've got wonderful support all around me. I went for a walk tonight around our property. We heard the wildlife around us. It was exciting. The first walk I've taken with my Husband in 4 years.

One foot in front of the other....Keep Going.