Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice Storm Western NY 2007

We had an ice storm this morning. It left us with some pretty photos. To see a closer view just click on each photo.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First Snow!

We have gotten a foot of snow bright and early this morning. I have to travel to my Parent's House because I have a nerve block tomorrow and I am not looking forward to packing up my car, digging it out of the snow, and driving in it for 2 hours. I'll be sure to pack emergency everything! Early this morning when my Husband was leaving for work, his Boss called and said he was stuck on our hill and going nowhere. When I looked out the window I saw a car 2 cars stuck in our paking lot. I can't imagine having to call someone out to pull you out of your own driveway. Needless to say, I will be going at a very slow pace today to match my very slow mood to getting ready to go. We are expecting several more inches. We have had a very mild winter before this and have a total of only 6 inches for all of our winter season. Today obviously changes that total. We are used to very heavy winters and we live in what is called the "snow belt" for NYS. Which means that we always get hit pretty hard. But the first time it happens we are never fully prepared.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I managed to drag myself out of bed and go to our New Years Eve Party. There were 20 people there. I got dressed up and even put on some makeup. About an hour into the party the Host says: The toilet is broken and we don't want anyone peeing outside so you will have to hold it. Well you can imagine everyone went nuts! Not to mention there were two kids there staying overnight. There were 9 peopel staying overnight. The Host then says: STOP TALKING about our problem! Everyone went nuts again and started talking about it even more. You all can imagine how I felt! IT's and IC Person's WORST NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we were ALL drinking! I wanted to leave but the Host insisted we all stay until midnight. It was a disaster! The toilet backed up into their basemet and there was raw sewage all over his basement. One of our friends lived a few blocks down and I was Sober so they designated me the DD. We had to drive over to his house to pee. I took 3 people over and then I said! That's enough. Luckily my Indiana Pouch can hold 1000cc's. I was able to hold it until we left at 4:00AM.