Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Day In Bed

The Phantom Urgency is breaking me!

I've spent the entire day moving from room to room of my house crying and sleeping. My Therapist called and spoke to me for 2 minutes and said she would talk to a doctor she knows that was a famous Urologist. I for one, think they are all useless, except for my two Surgeons. My Granmother came to deliver her weekly portion of food to us since I can't cook. We have enough for 2 weeks. She handed me $50.00 and told me to use it toward a new camera so I could start taking some photos and have some fun. I immediately started crying. She hugged me and told me we would get through this somehow. My Husband says if I am weak he will be strong enough for the two of us. My mom almost came out here to get me from an hour away but we decided that it would be better for me to stay home since all of the reality shows are starting this week and Allen loves to watch them with me and my Dad won't watch them and then I would be stuck watching re-runs and old movies and my mind would just wander to all of the bad spots it has been going to. So we all decided for now it's better for me to stay home. My dad is giving me a digital camera that he bought last year to see if it will work with my computer. So sometime this weekend I will try to go out and stay with them, maybe Sunday because there are fireworks on the 24th or 25th here at my house over my balcony. I'd love to have a camera for that! So after my Granmother left, I started crying again and crawled back into bed and here I am. This is where I spent 95% of my time.