Sunday, June 25, 2006

Explanatioin of Supplies Used After Bladder Removal

The first photo measures urine output. It sits right on front of the toilet seat. It measures it in cc's. It's helpful when first starting out to make sure everything is ok.

The next photo shows Germicide to wash the catheters off and out with, next to that is Hygiene No Rinse Incontinence Wash and Odor Suppresant, KY Jelly, SurgiLube throw away, travel packets, which are just like KY Jelly, Skin Prep for people who have very sensitive skin to tapes and glues, Adhesive Remover, A Large 2 inch by 3 inch Band Aid (which I use right now to cover my stoma as I train my new bladder), A waterproof stoma cover, and a catheter plug.

The next photo is of several different types of catheters. There are two coude tipped catheters and the others are all straight tipped catheters. These are all size 14 french. But they come in many sizes. The next photo is of more catheters these are size 16 french. The first one is a straight, the one under that is a coude tipped catheter, and the last one is a 14 frech catheter, straight tip, which is what I am using now.

The next photo is of a Urinal that you can take traveling with you and an appliance cleanser that cleans and deoderizes your supplies.

The photo under that I accidently duplicated so there are two of them. This is a photo of a squeeze bottle that you can put warm water and soap in or just plain water or saline or whatever you may need it for. Next to that is a bottle of saline to irrigate catheters with. Next to that is the container that the saline goes into. At the bottom is a 60 cc Toomey Irrigation Syringe. This is what you irrigate with.

The next photo shows some of the external pouch supplies. There is a hand mirror so you can see at angles that your eyes can't easily reach. There are 3 different sizes of cloth tape. There is a package of Skin Prep and a package of Adhesive remover. There are two pairs of scissors, one cuts straight and one cuts in a circle so you can cut around some of your appliances. There is a stoma measuring tool next to the scissors. Above that is a drainage sponge which goes around wounds such as where the suprapubic catheter comes out. Next to that is a regular guaze pad which can be used for cleaning wounds as well as for absorption. Under that is a wafer which I explain in great detail in "how to take care of your dressings" Next to that is a Urostomy Pouch that catches the urine around a stoma.

At the bottom on the left is a leg bag which connects to the catheter and the urine drains into it. On the right is a nighttime drainage bag or what I call a bed bag. It attaches to the bottom of your bed and collects the urine from your catheters at night.