Friday, June 23, 2006

Looking for the Positives Today

Today us a new day. I am going to try to look at everything positive that happens. I can think of one now. I slept well. I went 6 hours without needed to use the bathroom. Another thing is that my Husband is wonderful and works so hard for the both of us to live as nice a life as we can. Our wedding vows were a little different than the traditional ones. Since this is a positve thing in my life and it's in use, I'd like to share it with you.

"As We face the future
I promise to stand by your side.
I promise to share and support
your hopes, dreams,
and goals,
I vow to be there
for you always.
When you fall,
I will catch you.
When you cry.
I will comfort you.
When you laugh,
I will share your joy.
Everything I am and
everything I have
is yours.
From this moment forth
and for eternity.
Kara and Allen June 29, 2001
We have lived these vows every single day since we've gotten married. Next week it will be 5 years and we are celebrating by going to a mansion on a lake for 2 nights. The photo of the Mansion is on the Left.I pray that my bladder gets itself into shape before then.
My Husband deserves the best!