Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Feeling sick

I still have this suprapubic catheter. It's been in for 2 and 1/2 months now. It throws out green mucous but my local urologist told me that this was normal. So I have just ignored it and clean it twice a day. I went to my sister's graduation/birthday party this weekend. I did all of the packing and the driving. I stayed up until 3 AM and then got up Sunday at 8 AM and started to help clean things up because the party was wild and slightly out of control. I did not drink at this party, just stayed up late. I woke up today and had a slight stomach ache. I have not changed any medications nor have I eaten anything out of the ordinary. I started having diarhea mid day and had to take some immodium. Then I layed down and gradually started to feel worse and worse. I don't have a fever. I don't get fevers, even with the worst infections. My urine does not seem odd, smelly, or green. I am going to call my Primary Care Doctor tomorrow because this local Urologist seems to not care about things. I've had one urine culture this whole 2 and 1/2 almost 3 months now and it was because I had to BEG for it! I think it's time to have another one! And some bloodwork. And possibly more. The suprapubic is irritated and hurts to touch it. I wonder if it's infected inside of my bladder? I would go to the ER but they NEVER actually DO the URINE CULTURE so why go? I've asked them every single time to do the culture and they just forget or don't do it. I am afraid to wait until tomorrow but what to do. I guess if I continue to get sick I will call the local urologist and see if he can order the ER to do a urine culture if I go in for it. I am not thinking straight.....I just don't know how to handle this but to call the doctors and ask them what they want me to do. This catheter should have been out LONG ago! And when they could not get it out they should have given me an antibiotic after poking me with all of those things and pulling on the catheter and trying to pull it out. It just seems wrong to me that I have to wait until July 18th to have this out when it won't take more than 10 minutes to do.

Today: My Primary Care Doc is all booked up today but the secretary thought it best that I see him and not one of the Nurse Practioners based on my symptoms and the complexity of the situation. They are suppoed to call me back to see if they can squeeze me in with him today. They didn't want me to wait until tomorrow. It's probably nothing as usual but I want to be safe about this. My Husband is worried because I was up all night with stomach pains and back pain. I had to take a vicoden for the back pain it was so bad. I don't usually take narcotics now unless I absolutely have to. So that shows how much I was suffering. I hope they can get me in. I've prepared a urine sample already. It's in the fridge to keep from growing anything that isn't really there. They can't get me in until 4pm which means my urine sample won't go out until tomorrow. One more day to wait. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I don't understand why I can't drop off the urine sample now and then go to my appt at 4 then the urine will at least have gone out.