Tuesday, June 27, 2006



I went to Dr. R today. I’ve been recording my output and it’s been gravitating toward the stoma as the last week has gone by. The SPT has been putting out less and less which I was happy about. I went to the office all ready to have the SPT removed and to have the wafer and external bag for a few days. I even went to the office with a wafer already on and bag ready to go. BUT we ran into a problem with the SupraPubicTube. The balloon would not deflate enough to come out. Dr. R tried slowly pushing and pulling saline in and out of the balloon. He said he thought he had gotten all of the saline out. He cut the balloon port but nothing happened. He pulled on the SPT until he thought he could see the balloon and then he poked a needle into my open wound, still nothing. Then he put a wire up into it and still nothing happened. He was on his way to surgery so I was left on the table in a bloody mess. They gave me nothing to clean myself up with. They both just left the nurse and the Doctor. Blood was running down my leg when I stood up and I was in pain from all of the pulling that was done. I was left to my own devices to clean up and get dressed. As you know I came prepared for anything so I had the supplies to take care of myself but I was left wondering why? Why did I have to do that all by myself with no help from a nurse at least. He thinks there could be calcifications around the opening making it impossible to come out, although I can feel the balloon with my fingers around the opening. It still feels inflated with something. Dr. R wants me to keep the SPT in for 2 more weeks, because he is going away for the 4th of July, and then he will have me put under anesthesia and cut it open a bit and take it out that way. I wanted him to do it as soon as tomorrow and forget about our first night at the mansion but his nurse said that he could not do it. I asked if it could be done at the end of the week and again the nurse said no. They want to keep me over night after they do this, so he wanted me to go off to the mansion and try to enjoy myself and then worry about it after our vacations. Easier said than done.

I’m a little upset about having to wait 2 more weeks but I will do it if I have to. I am REALLY upset about having to be put under again.

We are still going away this week to the mansion. My Husband says he thinks I am beautiful no matter what is hanging out of me.

I guess the day definetely did not go as planned. This is the world of medicine these days.