Monday, July 10, 2006

Going to my monthly Pain Management Appointment Today.

Today I am going to my Pain Management Appointment. I am going to tell my doctor that the Lyrica is working to a degree. It takes the edge off but does not work for the real bad days. I am, at the suggestion of one of my girlfriends, going to ask for Lidocane Patches as an add on to the Lyrica and see if they help any. I am still waiting for my surgery on the 18th of July to have the catheter removed from my abdomen. I am hoping that will help some. The less medication the better. I will write more when I get back.

Went to the Appointment. They were super nice today! I am able to try the Lidocane Patches, they gave me enough to last 2 months worth of samples. I met with a new Nurse Practitioner who was really nice. They are going to up my Lyrica so right before and after I ovulate, I can take an extra 150mg for the two weeks that I may suffer. We are going month by month. If that doesn't work they told me just to give them a call. They seemed today to really WANT to work with me. The nurse practioner that will be taking on my case from now on said that she was really excited to meet me. She says most of her patients aren't as proactive and that it makes it easier for her to help me. I told her I wanted to start a support group for IC patients in my area because there really isn't one that I know of. She said that she can help me do that when I am ready.

It was a good day regarding doctors. There are not many of those!