Thursday, July 13, 2006

Revenge of the Hormones #2

I talked with my OGYN today.She says since we think I already Ovulated or am about to this month. I have to wait until next month to take the low level of progesterone. I mentioned that if progesterone is the hormone that irritates my urethral area, then why would giving me progesterone make it better. She explained that the high level of of progesteone that comes right after Ovulation is what irritates my urethral area. She explained that every day we all have a low level of progesterone running through our bodies. Her goal is to give me this low level not to disturb my whole month but to stop the ovulating so that a high level of progesterone doesn't spike a flare. I am scared to try it but they are pills so at any time I try taking them, if I get urethral symptoms, then I can just stop it and hopefully she will come up with another plan.I'm just trying to pull out as many tools as I can to make my recovery more comfortable. I am so sick of this! The next two weeks are going to be aweful. I have to suffer with it. It feels so raw and exposed, even though it's gone. I guess if this is the only thing that I ended up with after such major surgery than I should be greatful.