Friday, September 08, 2006

Saying Goodbye is NEVER an easy thing to do!

My time with my Surgeon is done. He has completed his task with me and has done it wonderfully! I was in desperate need of something very specific and he was able to do this for me. He is easy to communicate with and while he doesn't have all of the answers and can't fix everything he did fix the one thing that needed to be fixed. Today was our last visit unless something happens to me. I am in great condintion upon physical exam and eveything has healed well. I will not be seeing him again unless there is some sort of emergency. My Indiana Pouch is doing well as is the stoma and everything inside has healed up well. The Phantom Urgency, like I originally thought, will hopefully be managed on a continuous basis by my Pain Management Team. The local Urologist will be taking care of my other urological needs at this time. I am looking to switch to the local Urologist's Partner as he seems to take much better care of me in an emergency. Saying Goodbye is NEVER an easy thing to do, especially to a Surgeon that has changed your life in ways you can never fully imagine, unless you try to live them! He gave me a gift that I will cherish for the rest of my years and it's priceless!I know how to contact him when it's necessary, for now I hope he that every patient that comes into his life gets the care from him that I did.