Thursday, August 17, 2006

3 Month Recovery Mark (Bladder Reconstruction and Urethrectomy)

I am at the 3 month mark for my bladder reconstuction/urethrectomy and creation of the Indiana Pouch. I have not posted to my journal for a few weeks due to some personal troubles that are not directly related to my bladder reconstruction. I thought I would post here to update anyone that is reading my journey. I have my first follow up in September for my Reconstuction (but I have to double check to make sure) If I still have the appointment, my mom and dad will be taking me to the Cape for a week and then onto NYC for a follow up with my Surgeon. Things have been going well. Knock on wood and be realisitic here. I am still recovering from the surgery. I am going to have to go into physical therapy if I want to live as close to a normal life as one in my situation can. My back muscles need some strengthening. They are weak. I am having trouble holding my whole weight up and it's causing some back distress. Other than that, at the moment, I am doing well. I've had a bit of a rash around my the outside of where my stoma covers go. We are still trying to find a treatment that makes it go away. Right now I am trying a heavy duty streriod cream. They have ruled out Yeast at the time being. I've been treating it for yeast for over a week and it's not responding. At the request of a very close friend of mine, I am going to look into seeing a Dermatologist in case the rash persists. The bladder is working well and holding up to over 1,000cc's every 4 hours, depending on how much I am drinking. The phantom urgency comes and goes with Ovulation but it's controllable with Lyrica and Keppra combined. I take the Keppra only when I need it, kind of like a PRN (as needed medication). I try to dwindle down to the Lyrica only, whenenver I can. I've been really tired due to stress and I've been really depressed, thus why I have not updated my journal. But I wanted to let anyone who is interested that I am so glad I did the Reconstuction and had the Indiana Pouch put in! I am so glad I am not abusing that Urethra every 20 minutes. It's been quite restful at times. I am happy and hope that this trend of good bladder health continues onward and upward! I am still kicking and going strong. I just need to get the rest of my life in order and I will be back up and running with things!

Happy with my surgery at this time! I think I am doing well for only being 3 months out. I just need to keep my chin up.