Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cloudy Cape, Kloudy Kara!

Yeterday before we left, Saturday September 2nd is the day I started to feel the phantoms again. As I look back on this journal they seem to happen a week before I am about to ovulate and then disappear. The reason I am writing this post is to try and log that this time around I am suffering again. If I can get some sort of accurate log, maybe we can figure out how to help this problem. Each month it seems to be one or two days out of the month and then the rest are fine. Even with all of the stress and passing ovulation. Needless to say I am stuck upstairs in my "cage" of IC. I am not out with the crowd. I am not out shopping. Our trip up was aweful. I could not stand the car ride. And maybe it's just way too soon to be doing so much activity with such a delicate surgery. The bladder feels fine. It's just where the urethra used to be that is having issues. Yesterday and Today. None of my meds again just like last month are working for me and there seems to be no explanation. No Urinary Tract Infection. My Primary Care Doctor left a messagge on my cell phone saying that the culture I dropped off on Friday was Negative and to have a great time on the Cape! Yeah! GO KARA! I decided to stay in today and baby myself since it's very cold, rainy, and windy here and hope that tomorrow is a better story. Signing off for now! (The house in the photo is the house we are staying in all week. I stayed on the 3rd floor with the guys that live here.)