Saturday, August 26, 2006

NYS Fair

The fair was fiar. It was packed with so many people. We saw a concert, ate A LOT, and did a lot of observing. I wanted to go and see all of the show bunnies because I have a ten year old bunny so I always like to go and take photos of the bunnies. We were there for 8 hours. I went to the bathroom once the entire time and that was not because I "had" to go. I thought it would be wise to empty it to avoid an infection. I emptied it at the 4 hours mark. I have a bathroom there that no one knows about so it's very quiet and private. There's a woman every year that keeps the rest room clean and she says to me every year. "When are you going to come around here and show me your pregnant tummy or your new baby. She says she's waiting. I say "I'm waiting too." She has 12 kids and 28 granchildren. She says she thinks that when the time is right, it will happen to me. I hope she's right. All of the things I usually take photos of were not there yet for this year. I love to take photos of the flower exhibit and we missed that. I like to take photos of the sand and butter scultpures but they were just starting the sand sculputres. I think we went too early this year.

The most positive thing I can say is that since getting this new bladder, I've been out and about more now than in the past 7 years. I hope the good health continues on. I'd like to keep going out!