Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Visit to My Home Town

I went to my parents house where I grew up for a few days. It's an hour from my house. Sometimes I come here to rest and get away from the stress of "it all". I also had to get fitted for my sisters wedding. We also celebrated a Jewish Holiday with my Grandparents. My mom and I went for a walk today on the canal by our house. Some of it was restful and some of it was stressful and some of it was painful. I am still in pain an just as confused as to what is happening as ever. I just want some answers. I have an old OBGYN here that now is just a GYN that is a alternative hormone specialist. He is one of the best in the Nation but I don't think he is seeing any patients anymore. I am going to call the office tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment within the next few months. If not maybe he has someone he can refer me to. He was a real nice guy but I have heard that he is getting burnd out. His office is about 15 minutes from my parents house. I am hoping he may have some answers and a ray of hope for us since I can't take anything synthetic.