Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Surgery is Over. Now I can REST!

It was a long day and I am 100% exaughsted. The morning started out scary, I had an allergic reaction to something in my Saline Solution and could not breathe. Theyn figured out that I must be allergic to one of the preservatves in it. Allen was with me and the nursing team seemed to be right on the ball and stopped it quick. They gave me a different type of Saline after that and I did fine. The surgery went well. The anesthesiologist was so nice and helpful. He told Allen and I that he felt really bad about what happened in NYC and that he would personally see to it that while in his care, it wouldn't happen. It went smooth and the surgery went as planned. I didn't wake up and I don't remember a thing and I didn't feel a thing. There were calcifications around the catheter and that is why it would not come out. My doctor did a good job. I have catheter in my stoma for a few days and a bag to collect the urine. This way it will ensure that the hole on the suprapubic side will close up nicely and quick. I am so relieved that it's over. I came home and slept for hours. Some of my fear is down but my guard will always be up. The foley that is in my stoma, I can take out when the suprapubic hole is closed over. When I had my first cystectomy it took two days. I hope it's the same for this one.
Now I can REST!