Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today is a BAD day where my aresnal of meds are not working for me. It so frustrating. The scary ovulation is coming around any day and that is my weakest point onto the following two weeks and my period hits. For the most part these meds work but there are days where they don't and that is what having IC is all about. Some days are good and some days are horrendous and there is a lot of suffering. Today is one of those days for me. Nasty Hormones. But then again those nasty Hormones could give me that baby I have always wanted, so I have to take one over the other. I just pray for a better tomorrow when I have days like this. If this continues where I have more bad days than not, then I may have to go the low progesterone birth control route which is my last choice. I am rambling on here. Just wanted to report a bad day here and thanks for the support you all give as usual!