Sunday, August 06, 2006

Phantom of the Urethra is there Inside my Mind!

The Phantom Urgency coming around again for this month. I was hoping to take the Keppra for only the bad times of the month with phantom urgency but it looks as though I am going to have to take it all of the time. This frustrates me because I did not want to be on any medication except for the Lyrica. I thought I could get away with taking the Keppra just two weeks out of the month. It seems to work better when it's not taken every single day at the same dosage. But if I want the phantoms to go away, then I have to comply and take it when I need it and I needed it last night. I will be ovulating in one week exactly to this day and that is when I need the Keppra the most. It's all trial and error anyway at this point because not that many people are familiar with Phantom Urgency/Pain in the urethral area. I guess I will have to take it day by day and month by month and go from there. I am trying to avoid doing the low dose of progestrone because it's really birth control and I've had really bad luck with that in the past, plus someday I want to get pregnant and the birth control is what had stopped me from ovulating completeley and what led to having to take fertilty drugs in the first place. Which led to me having to have my urethra removed so you can see why I am trying to avoid trying the low dose of progesterone each month. I guess I just want a future someday and feel that the Keppra and Lyrica are the lesser of the two evils. Unfortunately the Keppra makes me sooooooooooooo tired, I don't have the desire I had before to go out and do anything.One step at a time, one day at a time!

Positive for today: At least the Keppra and Lyrica work together to take away the phantom pain!I hope it stays that way!